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One-on-one life coaching conversations

Let me buy a 1 x 60 minute
1-on-1 confidential coaching session
on  your behalf on
“How to become unstuck”
using a 3-1-3 approach

Life coaching for your local community

Book your 60 minute one-on-one session  on “Why Your Local Community Needs You As a Life Coach” and how a local community coaching system can serve both you and others.

Coaching for international Communities

Book your 60 minute one-on-one session on “Why the World Needs you as a Full-Time Coach” and how an online coaching system can serve both you and others”

Take your coaching business online

You’re a life coach practitioner yearning to take your business online. Book your 60 minute session on “Why a website is not the only resource necessary for your online coaching business”

Life Coaching Conversations
Journey through the heart – The Big Picture

The journey starts:
You’ll share in a safe, non-intrusive environment through talking, reflecting and simple practical exercises where necessary. Where appropriate, I share with you insights that would forever shape my thinking and the course of my life. One of these insights alone contributed to a huge shift in my world view and hence relationships with others. You’ll be amazed at just how simple these insights are.

You will gain an overview and understanding of your road map to lasting personal change so you may be inspired to create such change.

Just like crystal clear undisturbed water can mirror the sky and trees, so too does the mind reflect the true state of the self when it is tranquil and completely relaxed – Anonymous.

Life Coaching Conversations
Raising awareness … breaking unhelpful thought patterns

The journey continues:
There comes a time especially during life’s challenges when you are blissfully ignorant to the solutions and possibilities available to overcome these challenges. However, just because you’re not aware of a solution or a possibility, does not mean there isn’t a solution or possibility for your challenge or situation. We’ll explore these range of possibilities by raising awareness in creative ways.

This lack of awareness or consciousness can limit who you are, as well as who you want to be. It also appears that the source of nearly all suffering, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual comes from the basic illusion of separation from our true spiritual nature. This is a great opportunity to explore this separation and how we can bring balance back into our lives.

Life Coaching Conversations
Kick your ‘more than just goals’ adventure into high gear

Just as there can be great fear in our ignorance, there can be great excitement in the discovery of these new possibilities. Our current state of mind has contributed significantly to our current life conditions. The one thing for sure though is that our conditions are only temporary, no matter what these may be. Every living moment holds an unending range of possibilities – whether you are aware of them or not. We unravel those possibilities and set inspired goals and actions

Life Coaching Conversations
Packaging the lessons learnt

You will gain an understanding of the big picture and the tools necessary to take charge of yourself and situations you find yourself in. You truly can have everything that is good for you and in great abundance when you tap into these possibilities with an open mind. We conclude this session by taking stock of all the lessons learnt and prepare you for your next challenge.

Journey Through The Heart is a swift route to personal change for win-win outcomes in your personal, home, sports or work life