A Perspective

Whilst it may be that we are insignificant in this vast expanse of the physical universe, it is known that we all have the potential to tap into life changing resources within ourselves when connecting with a friendly power higher than ourselves.

And here’s another perspective;

  • Every human being will experience success in whichever form it manifests
  • Every human being will experience failure and / or loss in whichever shape it takes
  • And every human being will at some point of their lives start seeking more meaningful answers to a more meaningful life

I have experienced many successes and an almost equal number of challenges and losses for which I am deeply grateful. Successes are easy to deal with. However, there were times I could not see the blessing in my challenges as emotional baggage stood in the way. When I did see these blessings, a whole new world emerged.

In the absence of judgement, assumptions and a need to impose upon others, amongst other qualities, one can support anyone who wants to transform their lives in a meaningful way.

Also, anyone and everyone can coach.

“I know only that which I know. That which matters most and which I did not know, I’ve come to experience on a journey through my heart” – Amien J

Let’s see how things work

A Colourful Innings

Amien Jacobs 2010 – Structural Alignment Life Coach

Whilst my current vocation is that of a life coach consultant, life coach facilitator and one-on-one life coach, I’ve had a colourful 35 years working career in the corporate, sport (cricket) and non-profit community environments. I was not without my challenges – operational, sports political and personal. These very challenges were the forces that drove me to my life long dream and life’s calling; that of a life coach, a re-emerging vocation in the 21st century. I trained as a structural alignment coach through SA Coaching, as a life skills coach through Academy of Life Coaching, as a PSYCH-K facilitator through the PSYCH-K International Centre and currently a leaner of Aafiyah energy and emotional healing through Mind Horizon.

I’ve also had a full-time working stint with the Newlands based Western Province Cricket Association as its Manager: Senior Club Cricket for the period April 2004 to January 2007

What others are saying

Wardah Gamiet

Dear seeker

I am writing this letter to you as a personal and professional reference regarding my experiences with Amien Jacobs.

Amien and I met in January 2011 while attending a course that lead me on a journey of empowerment and awareness. We struck up an unexpected conversation and he just made so much sense. That has for the most part been my experience with Amien … SENSE … even though he is usually the one making it while I play catch up. You would think that life coaching is serious work because “life”, when it’s not going as you would like, is a serious matter, but Amien has always helped me to keep it fun as well. Working with him leads to overcoming objectives and solving problems. He clearly defines the theory of what goes into the science of assisting you to go from where you are to where you want to be. I don’t know many people who are able to make such a powerful impact on others that every conversation leads to an expansion of enlightenment, but this is exactly what he does. He’s taught me that good or bad, it’s an experience, And If you want LIFE CHANGING STUFF have an experience with Amien Jacobs.


Magdalena Zukowski

It’s been amazing to see Amien land on his feet, spread his wings, and turn his passion into a reality.

After working with Amien for 2 years, his transformation, insights, coaching ability has been mind bending.

He is one of the most supportive coaches I have ever worked with – and will do anything to ensure his client’s success!

April 7, 2014, Lena Ski studied with Amien at SA Coaching

Lena Ski (Magdalena Zukowski)

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