Millions around the world are stuck
in patterns of not being able to achieve
what they set out for themselves.
The challenge is finding a sustainable solution to help you become unstuck.
What if you could access a simple 3-1-3 approach
that introduces you to secrets, laws, tips, and systems
designed to make better sense of things, fast?

I invite you to a FREE 1 hour one-on-one life coaching conversation on "How to become unstuck using my 3-1-3" method

How can I help?

Are you stuck in one, two or more areas of your life? Are you stuck in the same place year in and year out? Do you go around in circles often? Do you feel overwhelmed? Do family members irritate you. Do people at work frustrate you? Do you feel betrayed by someone you least expected to betray you? Do you feel like ending a relationship, giving up on your job, or simply just throwing in the towel?

It doesn't have to be that way.

My simple 3-1-3 step coaching method may just be the one that suits you. In today's fast paced and rapidly changing world, more and more people are constantly looking for answers. In fact, most times they're looking for a step-by-step quick fix solution and a coach to guide them - and yes, you do need a coach. So it's not about whether you need a coach but more about finding the right coach.

Your journey to becoming unstuck

I have a refreshing solution for you. You will uncover tools and resources to help you overcome your 'stuckness' through a series of life coaching conversations. You will move past your feelings of overwhelm in just a few sessions. If you're serious about embracing personal change, connect with me to set up your COMPLIMENTARY session.  You'll leave with a golden nugget or two which you would be able to implement immediately.

"I know only that which I know. That which I don't I've come to experience on a journey through my heart. You too can join me on this adventure" - Amien

Where are you stuck?

  • In unhealthy family relationships?

  • In unhealthy relationships with work colleagues?

  • In your career or job?

  • In connecting with a higher power?

  • In finding your calling or purpose?

  • In questioning why you are here?

Does this lead to …

  • Confusion, numbness, overwhelm?

  • Procrastion?

  • Non-action?

  • Your landing in hot water at times?

  • A need to talk to someone but you don't?

I offer a free 1 hour one-on-one life coaching conversation on
How to become unstuck using my 3-1-3 approach

Raising awareness

I will support you on your journey to raising your level of awareness or consciousness in creative ways - At this point in your life you may need a specific solution to help overcome these challenges. Just because you’re not aware of a solution does not mean there isn’t one.

Exploring Possibilities

Just as there can be great fear in your not knowing, there's great excitement in exploring and uncovering new possibilities. It may be that your state of mind contributed significantly to your current situation. However, in every living moment there lies dormant an unending range of possibilities.

Reshaping Thought

I will support you in your intention to reshape your thinking without impacting upon your cultural beliefs  - If needed,  I'll share with you insights that would forever shape my thinking and the course of my life. You’ll be amazed at just how one insight can make a big difference.

Who are these life coaching conversations for?

  • For anyone who feels stuck.
  • For those who've come across terms such life coaching and life skills coaching and would like to know more
  • For those who have some idea of what these terms mean and attended 1 or 2 workshops and read a few books but apply very few of the lessons learnt.
  • You understand these terms and have acted upon the lessons learnt but quit in the first week.
  • You've not come across any of these terms. You are stuck and have no idea where to go from here.

It doesn't matter what your situation. These conversations are for you whether you're a husband or wife, manager or worker, mother or father, sister or brother, daughter or son, grandmother or grandfather, cricketer, soccer player, softball lover or partake in any sport.

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My 3-1-3 rapid personal change approach.
A simple method that provides you with secrets, laws, tips, and systems
aimed at making more meaningful sense of things.

Healthier Spiritually

Healthier Mindset

Healthier Physically